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A message from our Chairman, Rich

Well what a Success 2022 was with over £3,000 taken on the street collection. I have never seen the town so busy and buzzing with energy. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the support.

The introduction of the High St closure was new and we are going to build on this for 2023 so watch this space.


Carnival is something that brings the community together as one and this event becomes ever more important in collaboration with local businesses and integration of the communities in which we live; so please support us either with donating money or entering the carnival. I would like to thank the team for all the hard work over the last year and here’s to a successful and busy 2023 carnival.

See you in 2023

  On Carnival Day!   

Saturday 1st October 2022

Entries & Results

  2022    Beneficiaries   

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Shaftesbury Car Link

We are a team of volunteers serving local differently-abled and aged people who cannot
drive or use regular transport services. If you live in the SP7 area where public transport is either
not available or you cannot access it, then contact Shaftesbury Car Link.

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BOOBS Shaftesbury

A local charity helping local people who have had a diagnosis of Breast Cancer and their families, both financially and emotionally. Paying for purchases that boost cancer survivors’ confidence, running
a support group and supporting their all important mental health and well-being.


Friends of Westminster Hospital

Working with Dorset HealthCare to expand and improve clinical services across the community, by providing for patient and staff need to be on the scope of the NHS. The Westminster Memorial Hospital in Shaftesbury, Dorset is a community hospital helping the people of Shaftesbury and the surrounding area. The Friends of Westminster Memorial Hospital is a volunteer group that aims to make a visit to or a stay at the hospital as pleasant and helpful as possible.

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Fontmell Under 5s

We are a charity run Pre-School with a committee made up of our lovely parents and staff. Fontmell
Magna Under Fives Pre-school has been established in the Village for over 30 years and wishes to encourage children to be independent, confident and to have fun!

Carnival Day-01.png

Shaftesbury Town Silver Band

The local Town Silver Band with over 100 years history. We are fortunate to have our own Band Hall located off the Ivy Cross Roundabout and rehearse once a week on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Please feel free to come and join us or pop in to listen.


  2022   Royalty, Trendy Toddler & Carnival Baby 


Carnival royalty goes back over 150 years and along the way we have seen hundreds of individuals crowned Queen and Princess of Shaftesbury Carnival. In 1942 a Queen was chosen but never got to parade due to the war and this saw a break in the carnival until the end of the war. More recently our current royals have been in power since 2019 due to covid 19 pandemic. 
In 2019 we introduced a Royal Prince and a junior Princess role. The role of the royal family is asset the carnival committee at events as the face of the carnival. They attend all the carnival events wearing the Royal Sashes, the events include, Bingo, Quiz night, band concert and carnival day to name but a few. The royals are in regin for one year and represent us during this time. 

Outgoing Royalty

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