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Frequently Asked Questions.....

Where Can I park on Carnival Day?

We have several local car parks; Longmead, Bell Street, Angel Lane and Carnival parking at Shaftesbury Youth Club. Please note Tesco has a 2 Hour limit! Lidl Car park is also open and can be utilised (no time limit)

Where are the Toilets?

Public toliets are located; Bell Street Car park, Tesco Stores and disabled in the town hall. 

Where does the carnival start?

The Afternoon Starts at 1500 at the Medical Centre and Finishes at the Arts Centre.

The Evening Starts at 1900 at the fire station and finishes Salisbury Street Junction Old Boundary Rd.

Do the Peddlers selling the flashy toys give to carnival?

We receive a small donation from the sellers, we ask that you dig deep and put that money in our buckets?

Is the road closure all registered with the council?

Yes we pay a fee each year for the road closure and the council provide us with a public notice...seen below:

Where Can I eat and drink? 

We have several cafes and coffee shops open during the day and also burger vans. Located Angel Square, High Street, Post Office, Barton Hill and a Bar outside the town hall. 

I am in a wheel chair where can I watch the carnival?

We have disabled spectating area designated outside the town hall. 

Where can I watch the carnival?

You can spectate the carnival almost anywhere on the route, we do have a restriction on Bell Street due to the tight areas. 

The town centre has the best atmosphere.

What time does the evening procession finish?

Depending on where you watch the procession normally it lasts about 1 hour so if you stand near the start you should be on the way to the fair by 2015. 

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