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Carnival Royalty 2024

Carnival royalty goes back over 150 years and along the way we have seen hundreds of individuals crowned Queen and Princess of Shaftesbury Carnival. In 1942 a Queen was chosen but never got to parade due to the war and this saw a break in the carnival until the end of the war. 
In 2019 we introduced a Royal Prince and a junior Princess role. The role of the royal family is asset the carnival committee at events as the face of the carnival. They attend all the carnival events wearing the Royal Sashes, the events include, Bingo, Quiz night, band concert and carnival day to name but a few. The royals are in regin for one year and represent us during this time. 

2023 saw vs introduce the carnival grandparent, moving away from the traditional gran, we think all grandparents are special.

Entries open from 28th March to  14th June 2024.


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